Hebrews 13:2-Who Are You Entertaining? Many Have Entertained Angels Unaware

Hebrew 13:2 – Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.

The word angel here is the Greek word (aggelos), meaning messenger, and is the “exact” same word translated messenger.

The word translated “entertain strangers” is the Greek word (philoxenox), meaning to be friendly to those who you don’t know. This word is taken from the root words (philos) meaning friend, and (xenos) which here means someone with whom you are not acquainted.This is the only place where this is translated “entertain strangers”, it’s normal translation is hospitality.

This verse is saying always be hospitable or “friendly to those who you do not know” because thereby some have entertained (or hosted) messengers of God unaware. Therefore, be careful how you treat strangers. They just may be someone that God has sent your way to help you.

In fact, that Greek word (xenos) in certain contexts can mean any of three things. It can mean a stranger (alien), or a guest (being a stranger in your household), or a host (entertaining or be a host to a stranger to your household).

We must be very careful how we treat one another. Strangers or not. We do not know what God is doing or what He is trying to accomplish. We often pray and ask God for an answer or for help, God sends him or her and then we reject or deny them because they have not come in the way that we wanted or expected them to. When this happens, we miss out on that which we needed or what God had maybe wanted to bless us with that day.

Oh, if we could only trust God, pray, study His Word, believe and apply it to our lives, we would be so richly and abundantly blessed with all the promises that God has promised us.

As you venture out today and from this day forward. Pray to God that He will open your spiritual eyes so that we may be able to see the angels (messengers) that God has sent our way to help you in whatever your need may be. For many have entertained angels unaware!


Remember, we entertain angels unaware! Be alert! You may have just encountered one of your angels through this blog on today.

God bless and do remember to tell the Lord thank you for His messengers.

I love you all with the love of Christ.