Matthew 12:9-14 Jesus Heals On The Day Of Rest

Matthew 12:9-14 - From there Jesus went into their place of worship. 

10 A man was there with a dried-up hand. The proud religious law-keepers asked Jesus, “Does the Law say it is right to heal on the Day of Rest?” They wanted something to say against Him.

 11 He said to them, “If one of you has a sheep which falls into a hole on the Day of Rest, will you not take hold of it and pull it out? 

12 How much better is a man than a sheep! So it is right to do good on the Day of Rest.” 

13 Then He said to the man, “Put out your hand.” He held it out and it was made as well as the other. 

14 The proud religious law-keepers went out and made plans against Him. They planned how they might kill Him.

Jesus heals on the day of rest. What are you doing on this day of rest? Is it witnessing to others about how much He loves and cares for them to the point of even dying for them on a cross? What is it? 

What are you doing on your day of rest? The work of the Kingdom never stops.

This day that God has given us is a great day to witness. We will encounter friends, family members and strangers from near and far who do not know Jesus as we gather for our family cookouts today.

What will you do on your day of rest? The harvest is indeed plentiful, but the laborers are few.

Jesus heals on the day of rest. What will you go down in history as doing on your day of rest that will impact the Kingdom of God?

If you have nothing else to say, you can tell them your testimony of where Jesus found you and where he has you at today.

Make this day of rest a day of "Kingdom" building in Jesus name.

God bless and Happy Labor's Day.


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