Matthew 24:42 WATCHFUL

Matthew 24:42 “Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord will come.

This text is a part of a parable that Jesus gave to His disciples concerning the signs of His 2nd coming.

Jesus told His disciples of many signs to look for concerning the end times.  He also told them about their need to be "watchful" for His 2nd coming which is not known by anyone but God the Father.  

The driving point of this entire text is the guarantee of Christ 2nd coming . When? No one knows, but one thing of a surety is that it WILL happen.

The word "watch" is the Greek word gregoreo, which means to keep awake, to be alert, to be vigilant. In other words, to be constantly on guard.

Jesus is telling His disciples to be watchful, to be constantly on guard, for God’s Word concerning His second coming will come to pass. Take no thought about it not happening, for He is assuring them that it would happen.

Just like the disciples, we Christians today are being given the same command to be “WATCHFUL”, be alert, be vigilant and constantly on guard for the 2nd coming of Christ.

At Christ first coming, He came as “Savior” of the world and this time He is coming back as "Judge". He will separate the wheat from the tares. Those who will spend eternity with Him and those who will spend it apart from Him.

Yes, the separation of the wheat and the tear, the sheep and the goat will happen at Christ 2nd coming. 

The Word of God reveals Jesus Christ as “SAVOIR” to all who would put their trust in Him and it also reveals Jesus Christ as "JUDGE" to all those who put their trust in themselves, other things and other people.

Jesus says to His disciples, “when you see the signs approaching, wars, rumors of wars, nations rising against nations, earth quakes in diver places, etc., the end is not yet, but the time of preparation to meet Christ is now.

The people that Noah preached to did not believe the warnings from God. Many do not believe what I too am saying to the nations today via this blog, but as Noah was, I too am only a servant of God giving you what "thus says the Lord".

As the people of Noah's day, you too have a choice which will result in the saving or loosing of your soul in the end.

If we are watchful and faithful, we will escape judgment. If not, we will suffer the wrath of God.

Are you being watchful? Are you ready to meet Christ?

You do know that Christ is coming back right? You know He is coming back as “Judge” right?

What are you doing? Are you standing in the watchtower looking for the Master? Or, have you chosen to fall asleep and be caught off guard?

Where are you on this morning concerning Christ and His 2nd coming?

Regardless of where we may be in our opinion concerning the 2nd coming of Christ, God’s Word clearly states that it will happen!

Our assurance on today is the fact that  “CHRIST 2ND COMING WILL HAPPEN”!

Will you be ready or will you be caught off guard?

God bless.


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