Here is a collection of some pictures I've taken at various events and when meeting some of my subcribers! 

Minister Debra Aiken

Minister Debra Aiken

This is a picture of me and one of my blog viewer Camilla, a beautiful Christian woman from Alabama, along with her husband John. A Woman that not only Loves God but also His people. 

Camilla and I met via email around July 2014. At the time she told me that she would be vacationing in my hometown and would like for us to meet. Well, on January 24, 2015 we met at a local restaurant in my home town while she was on her 4 day stay here.

Yes, God made it happened. This was a glorious day, filled with love, hugs and laughter. The fellowship was wonderful! 

God will allow people to cross our paths for a reason. There is something we can glean from everyone, be it something good to do or something not to do.

What was so amazing about that day was when Camilla called me that Saturday morning, she told me she would be wearing a red sweater. Well,  after our arrival at the restaurant, she told me that she decided at the last minute to change her top and guess what? We both had the same colors. Look at the pictures. We are dressed almost identical to each other. I know without a doubt that this encounter was ordained by God. It was meant for us to cross each other path.

The connections with the colors was another confirmation to this God ordained gathering.

I can’t mention Camilla without mentioning her wonderful husband, John who is such a humble Christian man.  After having been seated for a little while and having his time to speak with me, the first thing John said to me was 'tell me about your call to the Gospel".

After hearing my story about how God changed my life that Sunday evening on February 16, 2003 at 6:30pm John just smiled. 

John's love for God shined through his humble spirit. What was so amazing is the fact that he never mentioned to me that he was an Orthopedic Surgeon.

At the end of our visit, Camilla told me a story about one of John's patient who had been gravely ill unto death and how John prayed prior to the surgery and trusted God throughout the surgery every step of the way. She told me how God worked a miracle and the patient was healed by God and within 5 days he was discharged home for a full recovery.

Our God is truly amazing. He is indeed an "Awesome Wonder"!

These 2 people are examples of those who truly love the Lord, each other and His people. Their spirit of humility goes beyond words. Scripture does declare that the humble child tastes the grace.

Scripture declares that we entertain angels unaware. I had 2 that day. God gave me a double portion.

This is one encounter that I will never forget.